Monday, August 22, 2011

99 out of 100

In our country there is a very popular quote "sau me ninyanbe baiman
fir bhi mera bharat mahan".It somewhat depicts the mindset of most of
the indians.Though most of the people are themselves infested by
corruption they point their finger towards third person easily .
We all dream of corruption free India but when we have to get our job done 
we dont hesitate in giving that 'extra'.
That's exactly what happening currently in the "lokpal" issue.
As I have mentioned in my previous post thanks to internet and electronic media,
masses have turned out in huge support of Anna hazare idolising him as the avatar
of Gandhi.
Many among the crowd don't know whether their protest is against corruption or the bite of Inflation.
How can current inflation could arise out of corruption,
 its more due to increased purchasing power of middle class and stagnant supply
 (ironically they are the one who cry).
Before nabbing the collar of government or ministers we
should peek in our own collar first.We should be faithful to ourselves not to others.
I fear that the current rage may lose its direction yielding no
fruitful result.
Education can play a radical role in renaissance of society.
Corruption can't be eradicated overnight, People need to change their mindsets
 and it will take more than a generation of educated youth for that.

Making a strict lokpal doesn't guarantee that we will get rid of
corruption.China has a very strict system to tackle
corruption.Hundreds of people who are caught doing corrupt practices
get hanged every year in China.Yet the instances of corruption has not
diminished.We should always remember that 'prevention is better than cure'.

We are in quite better times now dont make it 1947 again.


  1. i agree with you that education can tackle corruption.
    yet,i think there is sth wrong with the system.In india,the judicial system is complex and time consuming.
    i think,lokpall bill wii ensure speedy justice to the victims of beaurocracy.
    it will put a check on corrupt beaurocrats.

  2. Then for that there should be judicial reforms...
    creating an overpowering lokpal will only cripple it.
    Moreover i am not against the lokpal.I am against the way this protest has been carried out


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