Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Will Indian Democracy withstand the test of time ?

Looking at the current prevailing political turmoil in our country and around the world it has become very difficult to predict the outcome of the conflict between Government and civil society.Only time will tell which way is right way.I am not sure if this surge will get us rid of Corruption but i am sure this will make our nation unstable and prone to collapse of Government.
In the current scenario role of media has been an important one.It idolized one person without giving considerable footage to other side thus creating a huge imbalance of crowd support.Remember Julius Caesar ?about mob mentality? Mob is like a flock of sheeps which gets instigated quickly with flowery words showing copied behaviour having no direction.....It belongs to none forever
Both Government and Anna have their own viewpoints (difference of opinion is an important part of democracy) but the culprit is electronic media which is showcasing the views of only one side.It will bring nothing but instability & demise to our nation.People should remain calm.

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